Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wednesday night Gaming - Predator

Last night at sheffield wargames Society we played the Predator scenario (bungle in the Jungle )from AAG's classidied expansion .A good game with some home grown add ons ,the alien took out a few non descript troops before tackling Jesse Ventura and his mini gun and was given a nasty wound allowing the rest of the team to blast it to bits ,which goes to prove that you dont mess with a big Jesse . The jungle bits are the stuff Ive been making for my Nam project ,the mat is the 6x4 grasslands from urban matz the buildings are an old Brittania resin and a Sarissa MDF which is 15mm but fits very nicley with the 20mm stuff .
the table

Britannia 20mm resin&Sarissa 15mmMDF

Elheim figures

the bad guy 

AAG's classified expansion ,excellent as always 

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