Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -the battle of Sahagun

Went to the club last night just with the intention of having agood look round the new venue and having a chat but Tim Gow invited me to play in his game which I did with no hesitation. The rules were Command & colours which I had never played before and the scenario was the Battle of Sahagun which I had never heard of , historically it was cavalry battle in Spain in 1808 won by the British with the Fench taking heavy lossses . The game was very exciting and the rules were very easy to pick up ,using a form of order cards and then changing things by using tactical cards ,as I said the game was exciting as the advantage moved almost every turn from side to side but as the French players we managed to re wright history and gain a victory by stuffing the British cavalry rather than our initial plan of gaining victory points by running sorry tactically withdrawing from the battle field .A great game hopefully will be invited to play it again .
start of game ,French lines looking toward the Brits just off pic were more Brits sneaking up on our rear 

End of game ..Viva la france

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