Sunday, 8 May 2016

Anzac platoon for Vietnam

Finally got round to finishing my Anzac platoon for Ambush Valley .For the scenario I am working on the platoon consists of :

Platoon HQ:
1 x Officer
1 x NCO
1 xMedic

Then 3 sections each of:

Rifle Element 1
1 x section leader
1x scout
1x m60gunner
1x assistant gunner
1 x Rifleman

Rifle section 2
1 x Assistant Section Leader
1 x scout
3 x Riflemen

The figures are a mix of Brittania and RH which gives me a platoon made of almost individual figures, each carrying the correct weapon ,either M16's or SLR's.Tried basing to represent the famous thick red/brown mud and thejungle areas the Anzacs fought in .

The full Platoon

Platoon HQ

Section1 Element 1

Section 1 Element 2

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