Wednesday, 11 May 2016

wednesday night gaming -Who yer gonna call - GHOSTBUSTERS

My mate John managed to get the Ghostbusters board game for £1.50 due to some gift voucher deal so we gave it ago last night and it was good fun .The game contains lots of ghosts and ghoulies plus slimer , stay puft and the 4 guys all based on the catoon series .The game plays from scenario cards which can be played as one offs or campaigns where the players build experience by closing the gates to the spirit world ,trapping ghosts and un-slimiing their team mates ,it plays very well we were doing very little rules refering after the first few turns and managed to get 2 scenarios finished in under 3 hours . All good fun
and a fantastic turn out at sheffield club as well about 30 of us playing 7 different games

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