Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wednesday Night Gaming -Project Z

Gave Warlord Games new zombie game ago last night , John grayson bought everything that warlord had to offer plus other stuff as well , the game itself was a bit confusing even though the rules are simple fast play affairs the rules are split between 2 slim rule books so you are having to jump between the 2 , also the scenario we played called for a 4x3 table with the starting points for each side the humans could scoot around the table ,complete their objective and get off table before the zombies got near them ,so a few issues that can be easliy sorted .The plastic figures are very nice alot better than they look on the web site so possibly alot more zombie fun in the future . I sadly forgot to take pictures other than the one below of a ambulance which john picked up from a 2nd hand  shop which has flashing lights and sounding siren ,hours of fun there .
lights sounds action 

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