Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Names Bond ....James Bond

A bit of work in progress ,I have both 7tv and Pulp Alley rules and cant totally choose between them for this project so taken to painting a few more figures up. All these are my choices for Bond all from Artizan and Copplestone "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang " Ranges .Sorry some of the pics are a bit fuzzy and the car is more in keeping with the books than the films but I don't care about that Im not paying the daft prices people want on evil bay for the proper vehicles..
Connery from Dr No 
Lazenby from OHMSS

Moore from any of  his 

4 bonds inc Connery in From Russia with Love 
Will post some more pics when Ive got them finished along with some Bond Baddies and Bond Girls ,and for the purists the car is a 1/43 Delage D8SS  made by ixo


  1. Very nice! And I'm lovin' the car in the background!

  2. As said before. Very nice Bonds.

  3. Thanks Guys ,I like that car as well ,got a lot of diecasts but that one will be appearing in all sorts of games.