Monday, 2 September 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning Pt 9

The Brand New Peak Turret FV432 from S&S
Finally finished my infantry platoon (as far as a war games unit  can be finished )  ,For the Cold War Gone Hot supplement for Force on Force.
FV432 Peak for Platoon HQ

The Platoon HQ which consists of :
Platoon Commander (subaltern) SLR
Platoon Sergeant SLR
Signaller Sterling
Medic SLR
Gunner Light Mortar
FV432 Peak Turret
Platoon HQ

Close up of the Platoon HQ

 3 Rifle Sections Each consisting of :
Rifle Team A
Section Commander SLR
Gunner Carl Gustav
Assistant Gunner SLR
Rifleman SLR

Rifle Team B
Section Gun Controller
Gunner GPMG
Assistant Gunner SLR
Rifleman SLR
Rifle Section
Milan Team 2 x Milan sections and a FV432


The Platoon and Milan Teams

From above 


The Ferret from S&S 
All the infantry figures are a mix of Liberation and Brittania , based on 1p coins and then in movement trays .The FV432 peaks are from S&S and the standard FV432's are a mix of Brittania and S&S ,I will soon replace the Brittania ones with more from S&S . The Milan teams are Elhiem and the Ferret is just there as I finished it with the Peaks and its another lovely model from Shaun at S&S, and will be part of my recon units with some of Shauns Land rovers . I still have a lot of BAOR stuff either finished or waiting to be started and I will be doing more updates soon.

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