Friday, 6 September 2013

Force on Force -cold war gone hot - a new beginning Pt 10

As I am coming to the end of my Cold War Gone hot B.A.O.R project (maybe) I thought I had better sort out what I had got so to work out what storage I need ,so I laid it all out on the living room floor and was a bit impressed so snapped some quick pics of what I have finished . I still have a box of Airfix NATO Ground Crew and 2 Airfix Harrier GR3's to do for the "Hunting the Harriers" scenario ,plus an Airfix Land rover LWB and a scorpion to start .I also have 2 Land rover Recces on the way from S&S for the Harrier game cant wait for these as they are a bit special all camoed up looking a bit mean and again Shaun has very nicely sent me them before general release will post pics as soon as possible.
The Full Monty (almost)

Choppers,Chieftans and assorted vehicles 

Command unit close up 

SAS stay behind team ,my Daughters christened the officer "Rupert" 

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