Monday, 20 May 2019

Partizan -has my opinion of shows changed

Ive not been to a wargames show for a while and had no intention of going to any more until I purchased some bits off a wargames forum and the seller offered to post or meet at Partizan ,so I thought a visit to partizan might make a nice change .I had a look on the Partizan website forprice and times it turned out the stated price was wrong .  On arrival there seemed to be bit of a mess with parking and some heated comments were being made ,with my previous career of event management I know that if you want to organise parking you need to have traffic marshalls on site and there were none for the wargames show but there were some organising things for another show in a nearby  building . Entry was pretty quick and I recieved a free figure which is a nice female which will fit into  any victorian era game although she is actually a german revolutionary ..Once inside we move around the show fairly easily I stopped at the wargames illustrated stand with the intention to buy a couple of their figures but a rather ignorant chap was stood in front of them talking to his mate , I asked if I could get through and he turned and stared at me then carried on has before ,so I tried reaching past him and each time I did he huffed and turned and gave me a dirty look ,eventually I gave in and told him what I thought of him and walked away without buying ,Im sure WI wont miss my tenner though . we had a look at another couple of stands but saw nothing to interest me ,long gone are the days of impluse buys and bags full of stuff I will never paint .I found the chap selling the items I mentioned and had a little chat before walking around the show ,The items purchased were Warlords Cruel Seas ,which I know had a really bad press due to the huge amount of mistakes in the rule book but these appear to have been corrected and David Manley has put out some great house rules which apparently make the game really good ,but the ships are really nice and I got them at afantastic price so Im happy . I purchased a single pack of figures from crooked dice as I do like to support Karl , the pack I bought I will actually use for Spectre operations rather than any 7tv games . My last purchase was some walls from the Tree Fellers ,these will appear in afew different games but are intended as aproper cattle krall for my Rorkes Drift games . John who went with me forced himself into buying afew items but after buying a very expensive sandwhich we both walked away from the show after an hour feeling let down, again gone are the days when I spent hours at a show and as we left chap who had just turned up was shouting about the parking chaos as a lot of people were leaving and were driving around trying to get out . The show seemed busy and there were quite a few nice looking games , a lot of the stalls we couldnt decide if the items they were selling were new or second hand ,the prices said new but the boxes said second hand ?also we noticed a lot of the doors had been opened by traders as ventilation and people were entering in large number and I only saw 1 trader a very galent elderly lady attempt to stop them . John said he wouldnt bother again and I have to agree .

Mt cruel seas purchase ,whish I had them posted now 

The Galent Rosa Luxembourg ,must find out who she was 

Walls with Miss Luxembourg 

crooked dice reinforcments for my Spectre Africans


  1. Sorry to hear of your woes. I have never had an issue. I went to Partizan last year but it was the Newark one later in the year.

  2. I think ive become tired of shows ,stalls selling the same thing etc , I,supose im lucky that we have a excellent wargames shop in sheffield which caters for 90% of my needs and the intrnet does the rest .Shows need a new look and Im not sure what

  3. There are no games at these shows? The conventions stateside are mostly hosted games all day and night.

    1. there games some participation some demo ,shows in the uk usually only open 10am until 4pm