Thursday, 9 May 2019

7 Days to the River Rhine -first game

At a very busy Sheffield wargames society last night we tried out these new rules from Great Escape ,they played well and we had to consult the rule book rearely after turn one .I fielded a mixed British and West German force and John brought the Russian masses .We didnt finish the game a very late start for us and as I said the club was busy so lots of people asking questions and saying hello but we did find out APC,s and the like died very easily but niether of us managed to kill an MBT only causing morale markers ,overall  a nice simple game we have already decided to change a couple of bits but the rules are written in a way that will easily allow the players to add anything without too much trouble
The table set up ready to play

2 Chieftains and a Leopard take up a defensive position as the Warpac tanks begin to appear

Russian AA vehicles began to move into position

Russian MBT's follow their Recce units onto the field

B.A.O.R MBT;s advance with infantry cover as a Hind moves in

a hidden German squad take out a Recce vehicle

another Ruskie bites the dust

A lynx attempts to take out the advancing Russians

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