Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sharps Practice French Indian War

Played my first Sharps Practice game today , very easy to pick up and great fun .Ended up a draw with niether side being able to claim their objectives ,the French did really well after rolling an awful morale rating at the start of the game .The tiffin token came out early in the first two rounds which didnt help  the brits. Figures mainly Galloping Major but some conquest which I now believe belong to Warlord.Buildings 4 Ground and warbases trees and other bits from many different places including home made mat from urbanmatz
Poor French `morale roll at the start didnt look good

The BRitish Morale was much better

Rangers Deploy 

The French's Indian allies deploy s

The Indians move forward to engage the rangers 

First blood to Rogers Rangers 

The Britiah Provincial troops arrive but alittle late 

The French Marines advance 

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