Friday, 23 March 2018

Dr Who and the tale of 3 Tardis ...tardi...tardises ???

Getting into the Dr Who exterminate game I was quite pleased when warlord released a Tardis , a bit expensive at £10 but it was a crucial piece for each game ,even though it is really only a scenic piece .My tardis arrived and I was abit disapointed that when it arrived it was badly deformed ,I informed Warlord and eventually they sent me freebie ,so now I had perfect one and the deformed one ,so ideas of acrashed Tardis were in my head when I spotted adie cast one ready painted with all the signage in place for £2.99 . This die cast one seems to fit scale wise even better that the warlord one which is slightly shorter and thinner .So a scenrio with multiple Doctors is in the near future (excuse the pun )
With a Warlord Cyberman them die cast at left ,the leaning Tardis centre and the replacement right 

and from above ,very happy with my latest purchase 


  1. Hadn't thought of that, but it's a good idea. I too find myself with multiple (though only two) TARDISes.

  2. Well that certainly works and looks perfect, scale wise. Dare we ask where you found the die cast one?

    1. yes I think its better than the warlord ,I got it from evil bay but a great supplier and service ,this was the link if it wont work the seller was kelvin1972kelvin very good service

    2. That link worked perfectly, thank you. I shall have to give it a go.