Monday, 19 March 2018

scooby doo where are you - a 7tv game

Using the same layout as our sharpes practice game managed to get a quick 7tv game in using the scooby doo supplement .  As always great fun ,played it with the lights down to give a spooky dusk setting . The gang out to investigate the haunted barn , the spooks did what they do best and the police had to find the escaped lunatic . The gang discovered that the monsters were actually disgruntled townsfolks trying to stop big business buying their land and the cops got their man ,the ski mask and bloody macette gave it away in the end .Pesky Kids by Hasslefree ,cops by Crooked dice , police cars by Antenocities workshop, monsters from lots of creepy places and may by Urbanmatz ,Mystery machine by hotwheelz
The gang get out of the mystery machine near the haunted barn

A quick planning mission

The law speed to the scene

Old man grump confronts our heroes

Yipes....confronted by the monsters 

u vill leave now or face why wrath 

Daphne meets frankie and his mummy

the cops decide what to do 

Old man Grump brings his pet out to meet scooby

The mummy goes down while velma takes notes

Shaggys down but the sherrifs department are here 

abit of ashoot out .


  1. Cracking report! I must get me some of those Studio monsters they are so useful for 7TV!

  2. thank you ,I like the studio miniatures monsters I only have the jason one so far though but will get more , the others in thepics `i have had for many years cant remember the makes .

  3. Love it. Got to play more of this game!