Thursday, 1 February 2018

With some guts behind it ....some new books for my library

Made 5 piurchases to add to my Zulu war library ,the first is really about the famous movie rather that the actaul events but ive been after ZULU with some guts behind it ,by Stepehen Hall , for a while as it sold out almost straight away and the the pirates on evil bay started asking silly money (£1000 average for a book that retailed at about £30) so that was a no no for me then a recent re issue in paperback for £17 and im a happy chappy , a wonderful book containing facts and stories about the classic movie with hundreds of pictures from the film and from behind the scenes ,fantastic stuff. The other 4 are more striaght forward books , 2 by Mike Snook ,one on Isandlwana and the other on Rorkes drift started reading these and they seem very decent ,well written reads ,the next was a Ian Knight one that I have wanted a while ,the companion to the zulu war ,Ian is my favourite zulu war author .Finally chris peers battlefield guide not sure about this one but it was very cheap and has got loads of pics and has the word zulu in the title so its now on my shelf.

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