Friday, 2 February 2018

``spectre operations -a new project

I purchased these newish special forces rules and a selection of figures just on an impulse and Im very impressed ,the rules are nicely laid out ,colourful ,easy to follow ,they come complete with a few scenarios at first glance they look like they will give agood skirmish game looks like the special forces need 6-10 figures and if using militia types as the bad guys you will need about 20-30 figures definatly a set of scenario led rules where you need clear objectives aand number of turns ..he figures are really nice with no flash or mould lines , all of them look the part ,the SAS types are very realistic poses and the militia even have the firing a ak47 over my head pose seen on news flashes from around the world .
The book really nice although mine had slight damage to the cover as can be seen 


  1. Liked the look of everything a lot. Sadly they didn't stick to 20mm.

  2. yes all 28mm produced by spectre but I have seen a few people use 20mm