Thursday, 15 February 2018

Doctor Who into the time vortex =first game

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this game ,I thought it looked too simple and thought I would be looking at 7 TV or the old free Dr Who game but we quite enjoyed it .For the first game we kept it simple ,using the cybermen and Daleks that come  with the starter game and the first basic scenario . John picked the Cybermen taking the cyberleader which gave him a free cybermat swarm and a 2 and a 3 cyberman patrols so he could get a extra fate token I had the Daleks and took patrol leader and 2 patrols .The Daleks have the shooting advantage or should have by not moving and getting their shooting dice doubled but my awful dice rolls only took out a cybermat stand the entire game ?. The cybermans melee proved the winner taking out my daleks when the underfire tokens started piling up .The Adventure and battle cards gave us acouple of scares or chuckles depending what side you were on ,great fun overall .Next time the `Doctor will make an appearance and then after that will run multi player game at the club.We picked the rules up pretty quickly the only thing is you really need more dice than you get in the starter ,luckily for me John had some extra sets from when he bought up alot of warlord games zombie game last year which uses the same die .
Exterminate ..Exterminate 

This isn't going too end well 

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