Friday, 23 February 2018

Dr Who into the time vortex -new releases pt 3 The Tardis

The Tardis ,the most famous police box in the world , was happy this was released but not so happy when I received it ,not the clenest resin casting I have ever seen , a bit dissapointed that Warlord chose not to have decals for the signage , the main lettering is raised in the resin but the smaller signage on the doors will need to be hand painted ,However the biggest disappointment is the fact it is more like the leaning tower of Pizza than the tardis it has an incredible lean to it and its not the base this is perfectly flat it is the actual casting which is out .I have contacted Warlords Customer service and at the moment have not heard back from them .
ITs a nice size the figures 32mm  but the lean can be clearly seen in these pics 

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