Sunday, 28 June 2015

Holocaust Pt9-Operation anthropoid and the Nuremburg Trials

our final visits were to the church of St Cyril and Methodius the place where the assassins  of Heydrich were cornered and finally took their own lives ,the operation to kill Heydrich has always been controversial due to the reprisals which claimed over 5,000 lives . Finally we visited the Nuremburg courts where the Nazi's that had not either committed suicide or had escaped were put on trial . The court building is now a museum but court 600 is still working court we were lucky during our visit the court was not in use and we could enter and take pictures . Overall an amazing and very emotional 2 weeks but something everyone should experience .
The Church today

The memorial to the Parachutists you can still see the battle damage 

some of the original benches which the prisoners sat on 

A model of court 600 at the time of the trials

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