Sunday, 14 June 2015

Holocaust Pt6 - Schindlers List

During our stay in Krakow we visited the areas and places depicted in Speilbergs film Schindlers List , many of the historical places were used in the movie . We visited the old Jewish quarter and the ghetto's were theJews were moved after the occupation then went on a tour of Schindlers factory .The factory is now a museum depicting life before and during the occupation , what Schindler did to protect the jewish workers and it also cover the period of Russian occupation . we then went onto Amon Goths House ,a very chilling place looking very much like the house in the film how ever there would be no way Goth could have shot into the concentration camp from the house as shown in the film ,he used his office in the camp to carry out this murder .Finally we went to Plazow ,the camp no longer exists but there monuments above the mass graves .

Heroes Square 

Schindlers Fcatory

Some of the displays  ..

and photographs make you feel as though you were there at the time 

Some of the original pans made at the factory

Goths House 

The entrance to the park were the extermination camp stood 

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