Monday, 8 June 2015

Holocaust Pt4 -Berlin

Berlin is fascinating city and it is easy to miss some of the WW2 sites , however we managed to visit some of the Holocaust related areas ,first we visited the Topography of Terror site built on the ruins of the Gestapo and SS head quarters the museum is a must see for any one wishing to understand the horrific role played by Hitlers most infamous followers . We also visited Gleis 17 the former railway platform which is now a memorial to the thousands of Jews who were deported to the concentration camps by railway from Berlin .  The Wannsee Conference was the meeting of nazi officials where the Final Solution was decided upon , The meeting took place in a beautiful villa in the berlin district of wanness .The Villa today is a museum to this infamous act containing original documents and photographs ,it is again hard to believe such evil could originate in such wonderful setting .
The longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall runs above the  outside displays 

Day by Day records are shown on metal plates along the platform 

The villa where the Final Solution was decided . 

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