Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014 did I hit my gaming targets .

Firstly Happy New Year in January 2014 I set some targets for myself for my wargaming , these were my targets :

This year I am going to attempt to :
Finish off my Cold War Gone Hot Project .                     
Finish off my Zulu War project . 
Add a little more to my Witch Finder General stuff .
Finish my WW1 Project 
Complete my 7tv Bond cast
Complete my 7tv Tarzan cast
Complete my zombie project 
Complete the Dr Who stuff I have in my pile Before buying more
Paint all the FIW stuff I have before buying more
finish my Ronin 
finish my ww2 germans .
Finish my Saga Vikings
Make and buy more terrain to suit above projects 

Not to get involved in anything else 

Play more games at home, club and shows . 


Cold War Gone Hot - sort of , I finished my B.A.O.R (barring 2 harriers which are partly done )  but started a west German and Russian armies .

Zulu War - No but I have made a slight dint in the lead and plastic pile hoping to have enough done to put on a Rorkes Drift game which I am trying to write the rules for as well 

Witch finder - yes happy with this ,although I do have some bits to paint I do have enough stuff to game with .

WW1 -A resounding failure done nothing at all .

7tv Bond  -See ww1

7TV Tarzan -See 7TV Bond &WW1

Complete my Zombie project - Although I have painted loads ....see7TVBond ,7TV Tarzan etc.

Dr Who painted loads but bought loads so sort of see 7TV Bond Etc

FIW - Happy with this just handful of Rangers to paint .

Ronin-  Hurray did it 

WW2 Germans - See 7TV Bond Etc.

Saga Vikings - See 7TV Bond Etc. 

Terrain -happy got a lot done for FIW and Zulu .

Not to get involved in anything else .....A massive Failure  got into 6mm moderns bought loads of the 7TV starters .........

Play more games - Sort of a success  Ran Games of Cold War Gone hot at Triples and 6mm moderns at the joy of six. At SWGS managed to get a couple of games in and visit a lot more and I managed to get a few games in at my workplace at night in the function room about 2 cold war gone hot , 2 6mm modern and a FIW game. At home been play testing my Zulu rules and got a game of Cthulu in . 

Overall not brilliant but I have been in Hospital for my throat op then back in Hospital when I nearly died , got promoted at work ,had a new Grand Daughter, discovered who my Dad (sadly passed away ) was and discovered 2 new sisters and a new brother ,plus my fund raising was very successful this year so I think I have reasonable excuses .

For 2015 - Get the zulus done for triples ,run another game at Joy of Six and rejoin SWGS and get down more , anything else will be a bonus .The Zulu game should be ok , the joy of six stuff is being done by my partner in crime John Grayson ,club wise I have booked the friday off before triples to help them set up so thats a start . 

Some of my 2014 positive bits .

Zulu War Brits on my painting table 

our games at Triples 

Some of my forces burning at Triples


Our lay out at Joy of Six 

Joy of six

some of Zulu War terrain 


Part of my west Germans 

My daughter and new Grand Daughter Laney .

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