Sunday, 25 January 2015

More Rorkes Drift veterans Graves. William Jones VC ,John Lyons &Joshua Lodge .

Today we visited the cemetery in Phillips Park in Manchester ,3 Rorkes Drift veterans are buried here .The most famous is William Jones VC again a hero who fell on hard times having to sell his VC to make ends meet and even though he gained some fame inBuffalo Bill's wild west show he ended up in a paupers grave .Recently A plaque and new grave stone was put in place in the cemetery not only for Jones but the other 2 survivors John Lyons and Joshua Lodge . The cemetery is also the final resting place for 2 survivors of the charge of the Light Brigade Richard Brown & John Richardson and WW1 VC winner .George Stringer .There are many more commonwealth war graves as well .

The plaques to the Zulu War Heroes buried in the cemetery .

Jone's headstone is placed above the communal paupers grave .

Survivors of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

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