Saturday, 3 January 2015

Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes-Volume1

A great book , this volume covers 9 of the lesser known heroes of the 1879 battle , the book is soft cover A4 size with a colour cover and black and white photographs and is 64 pages . Each chapter covers 1 man usually covering his parents,birth career before ,during and after his army life ,then his family history afterwards . These stories are very sad for example Sergeant Windridge lost 2 wives and 9 children and died an alcoholic .The stories of what each man did in the fighting at Rorkes Drift is worth the cover price alone . a definite must for anyone interested in this period.

Volume1 contents :
Francis Atwood
Henry edward Gallagher
Garret Hayden
George William Mabin
Rowland Herbert Miller
Frederick Augustus Millne
Robert Tongue
Joseph Lenford Windridge
Caleb Wood .


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