Thursday, 25 December 2014

Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes.

I put a stop  on wargaming presents this year so I could get through my mountain of zulu war stuff for next years British Legion Games , but Elaine my partner bought me the 10 volume set of Legacy books by Kris Wheatley the story of the lesser known defenders of Rorkes Drift .The research started with one of her own ancestors Caleb Wood and this developed into this 10 book set ,on recent visit to Ruddington cemetery  , the Nottinghamshire graveyard with 3 Rorkes Drift defenders graves we popped into the local museum and Elaine got the complete set of books and hid them away for santa .I have only skimmed through them but already hooked some really fascinating stories of the little known heroes and their mixed fortunes after the battle .  I will do a more in depth review as I finish each volume .Find out more here

The 3 Defenders graves at Ruddington

The books 

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