Wednesday, 2 October 2013

raffle update , details and another sponsor

Been trying to finalise some things today , so here goes The tickets will go on sale this Saturday 5th October from the War games Emporium Sheffield ,unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we cannot sell the tickets on line , I will be dropping in at local clubs to sell them as well if invited to do so . The price will  be £1.00 for a strip of 5 tickets .The draw will be on the 9th November in the Wargames Emporium in orchard Square sheffield Time to be confirmed .
The prizes are already arriving ,in fact one has just been delivered as I write so over the next few days I will post prize details and pics of what I already have ,even though some of the sponsors have told me what they are sending I do not put it up until I have them in my hands just in case but so far I have almost £200.00 worth of goodies with a lot more on the way.

Another new sponsor  STUDIO MINIATURES have contacted me today to say they are providing some nice new figures from a new upcoming range .


  1. You are welcome to sell tickets at the Sheffield Club.

  2. Thanks Tim will drop you a line when I'm coming over .