Sunday, 6 October 2013

Raffle update and the first lot of prizes

This update is a little rushed ,just not had time to catch up with stuff , First thing is that Dave Parsons the in house painter at WarGames Emporium has again donated a voucher for his services .

The prizes I have already received Are :

Paella World 
Our first ever non wargaming prizes come in the form of Paella pans ,the genuine articles from Valencia .Just in case you are not sure what they are the picture above will show you one of them held by my youngest . ~Three of these great pans are up for grabs ,ideal for cooking those chillies ,curries ,fry ups or paellas .

Gripping Beast 
Again the lads at Gripping Beast have graced us with gifts plundered on their raids into the gaming world .This year they have sent us.
Saga Rule book
William the bastard blister pack
Pagan Rus warband box set
Harold ,Gryth and Leofwine Blister 

Rogue Miniatures 
Again a nice selection from Rogue miniatures expanding catalogue 
1 each of
Agent Ready
Mirth & Dirth set

The Plastic Soldier Company
The fist year for PSC to donate and they have sent us some nice goodiesfrom their ww2 ranges
a box of 57 US Infantry  20mm figures
a box of 3 20mm Stugs
a box of 5 Stuart tanks in 15mm
a box of 5 Sdkfz 251/c in 15mm

Dave Parsons Painting
£20.00 voucher

Studio Miniatures :
A great prize ,from their upcoming new range of figures that are not even in production yet 
A battalion pack of Sikh infantry and flags in 28mm
A battalion pack of 28mm British infantry again with flags 

Eric at Dashing dice games as let me know that his donations are in the post ,the prizes he has donated were amazing but he has added some thing else now as well ,keep watching .

I have also had word from Peggy at AAG about what is heading over from them and I have also had 2 new sponsors get in touch and will hopefully update more over the next couple of days.

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