Wednesday, 9 October 2013

More Raffle Prizes from Dashing Dice Games and 1st corps

Eric of Dashing Dice Games the publishers of WitchFinder General Rules as kindly donated the following as prizes

1 Witchfinder General Rulebook

The two new figures- 'Mitchell & Megan'

1 box of Warlord Games ECW Infantry

1 box of Warlord Games ECW Cavalry

2 Heresy Miniatures Hellhounds

1 Heresy Miniatures Werewolf

1 Heresy Miniatures Vampire

1 Heresy Witch

1st corps have donated 8 Blister packs of 28mm figures including 4 of their new WW2 British Para's , which are lovely figures full of character .

I will post full descriptions and more  photos soon.

Para Command Picture by 1st corps

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