Saturday, 5 November 2011

Raffle update November 5th (setback No 1 )

Hi I seem to have lost a couple of prize sponsers after numerous emails asking what I would like ,where to send it etc,2 of the sponsers have suddenly stopped replying to me so I an asuming they are no longer in a position to help so not  much of a update I'm afraid the revised list is below.I hope this does not stop you donating and buying tickets.
List of Prizes and Sponsers

Ambush Alley :
1 x Tomorrows World - 1 x Force on Force - 1 Enduring Freedom - 1 x Road to Baghdad -1 x Ambush Valley ALL BOOKS signed by Shawn, Peggy and Robby. Plus Ambush Alley caps and decks.

Baccus 6mm - Prize TBC

Brigade Models:
1 x Through The Mud and Blood rule book & a section of Belgian infantry and HMG's

Caliver Books : a 6 issue subscription to Battle Games Magazine

Gripping Beast :1 x 1box of plastic Hirdmen  1 x box of Plastic thegns

Northstar Miniatures; Prize TBC

Osprey Publishing : 1 x Force on Force, 1 x Tomorrows War, 2 x Enduring Freedom,  2 x Road to Baghdad

Perry miniatures : A £30 gift voucher with free P & P

Piers Brand : The Elhiem FOF ltd edition figure Painted by the famous Ambush Alley / Guild Painter.

S&S Models : 1 x 28mm M30 1 x Dodge wc truck

Too Fat Lardies : 1 x Through The Mud and The Blood with very rare Blackadder & Baldrick figures
1 x Bag the Hun with a Bag of Bogie counters
1 x Charlie Dont Surf      1 x Sharp Practice with very rare Sharp & Harper figures
1 x I Aint Been Shot Mum,  new edition with Hugh Jarce figure

Under Fire Miniatures : a selection of 20mm British and Taliban figures

Victrix : 1 box of 28mm British Infantry 1 box of 28mm British Infantry and 1 box of 54mm British Infantry

The TBC prizes are in the post or being dropped off at shows so will be updated ASAP .
updates later this week when I have recieved yje last couple of prizes.

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