Saturday, 26 November 2011

war rockets ,retro rayguns and Hind Commander

A wierd mix you may say ,but 3 new ranges now stocked by wargames emporium of Sheffield .
Warrockets and retro rayguns are wonderful models set in a Pulp setting very much along the lines of Flash Gordon and Hind Commander is the fantastic new Helicopter combat rules from Marcin at Assault Publishing the Emporium also stocks the 1/.600 army sets to go with Hind Commander , a complete army including choppers .planes .tanks .apc's and infantry priced between about £12-£16. depending on the type of force you choose. The Emporium is also going to br the place to take your tomorrows war armies for the AAG painting tournament and official FOF games demos and Hind Commander demo;s 

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