Monday, 14 November 2011

The Raffle -our best year yet.

Well it'a all over and Done with for another year , My fund raising is over till Febuary 2012. We had a fantastic day at the Wargames Emporium on Saturday ,played a few games of Force on Force ,then drew the raffle and we had such  fantastic prizes every one went away with a smile on thier faces and most importantly we raised much needed funds for the Royal British Legion a,total of £354. bringing out grand total to £ 645 raised through wargaming . We obviously could not have done this without all the people who bought tickets or just donated and of course the people that donated such amazing prizes.

Ambush Alley Games : Not only do they produce some of the best Modern ans Sci-fi/Horror rule sets but they have been a fantastic sponser from day one and have given me personally much needed help. Thanks to all the team.  

Baccus 6mm : a fantastic range of 6mm figures and the excellent Polemos rules are supplied by the very nice Mr Berry .Again a fantastic range of prizes were donated .

Brigade Models : Donated a superb prize of  packs of 1914 Belgians and Rule book as well ,Lovely figures from this company which must cover90% of any wargamers Belgian needs ,they also do nice sci-fi and fantasy ranges

Caliver Books : What can you say not only a huge range of books but paints figures almost everything really ,you do need to visit thier site

Gripping Beast : Save us from the fury of the Northmen ,,,But thanks for the generosity of the Beast ,yet again wonderful donations ,plus they do not just do vikings look at the WW1 ranges .
Northstar : that nice chap Nick again dug deep into his huge wharehouse to provide some nice figures and rules. Again stocks nearly everthing even has a bargain basement ?

Osprey Publishing : Enough said ..lots to read ..

Piers Brand :The most famous man in the world, or so it seems figure painter ,writer ,all round nice chap , can be found on almost every forum spreading advice and making people happy with his painting skills.

Perry Miniatures : Top notch figures from the Perry Twins . Amazing range of top quality figures in 28 & 54mm Scales. Nice new web site as well
S&S Models : Vehicles Scenary and some figures as well ,lovely resin and metal kits at nice prices .

 Too Fat Lardies : Rules Rules and more rules very tongue in cheek but really great rules I use their ww1 set and looking at others too oh and make sexy dice as well.

Under Fire Miniatures : another really nice chap, who makes 20mm goodness for most modern wars but his 2010 Brits are really the best.

Victrix : If you like Napoleonics you will like these ,plastics in 28mm & 54mm very nice.Also do metal figures

Wargames Emporium : Stockists of almost everything & all round nice guys , plus supporters of my fundraising ,provides free gaming space ,sells tickets , help in our advertising and provides great support and most of all Johns my Brother , But Erics an ok guy

My fellow pointmen John Grayson true all round nice guy (He's a blade but everyone has faults)  and Elaine Winter  for non stop support and encouragement and her famous FOF QRS sheets .

Plus the following who in one way or another helped out : Tim Gow . Kev Fisher , Ian Goadsby , Sheffield Wargames Society ,Cogs , Barnsley Wargames Club  and everyone else I've forgot to mention

Me caught off gaurd at the end of the day , I actually looked like this at 7am .

 A new recruit for Force on Force and raffle winner with John Grayson ,the last photo from the camera I managed to drop , there really isnt a yellow mist in Wargames Emporium.

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  1. Stunning effort Richard. Going by the photo it's time you had a rest!