Saturday, 29 October 2011

Tomorrows war ..Star wars style

A Tomorrows war scenario and force list by my fellow pointman and fund raiser John  Grayson who recently tried this out at the Sheffield and Rotherham wargames club a full AAR to follow soon and hopefully I will get a chance to play this .
set before a new hope,Small rebel outpost hidden in a back water spaceport imperial spies report it could hold the stolen death star plans.
Rebel mission defend the outpost as long as possible,don't let the death star plans fall into imperial hands!
forces 2 x 10 squads(can be split into smaller teams) tl3 skill D8 morale D10 light body armour +1 all with blaster rifles
hq 1 x officer 1 x 2ic 1 x medic droid 1 x r2 unit 2 x troopers all with blaster rifles.

imperial mission assult spaceport,retrive death star plans leave no survivors!!!!
forces 3 x 8 man squads(nco,heavy blaster,6 troopers) tl3 skill D8 morale D8 light body armour +1 troopers all with blaster rifles
hq 1 x officer 1 x2ic 1 x droid
Darth Vader skill D12 morale D12 if vader leads a squad its morale raises to D12 (through fear not courage)

smugglers, you don't care about the war just making a profit, don't let the imperials or rebels find out about your business.Defend your hide out if either side get to close.
forces 8 x scumbags tl3 skill D6 morale D8 all with blasters no body armour

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