Sunday, 9 October 2011

Prize update

The following are in the post ,all from Too Fat Lardies these are special ,this is a part of an email I just recieved.

1 x hard copy Sharp Practice with the limited edition Sharpe & Harper

figures set in 28mm. VERY rare, only 300 sets cast and much sought after.

1 x hard copy Through the Mud & the Blood with the limited edition

Blackadder & baldric set. Ditto, only 300 cast etc.

1 x hard copy of Charlie Don't Surf

1 x hard copy of Bag the Hun and a bag of Johnny Danger's Bogeys

(unspotted aeroplane markers).

One pack of a dozen Lard Dice.

One 28mm Hugh Jarce figure. This is the limited edition figure (500 cast)

to accompany the new edition of I Ain't Been Shot Mum. The rules are not

yet out (25th October) but whoever wins Hugh just needs to email me(too fat Lardies) and I

will send a hard copy set of the rules to them.

how about that , these with the signed books from Ambush Alley and all the other wonderful kit donated by all those great people in the gaming world make this years raffle extra special. please buy those tickets .all proceeds to the Royal British Legion

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