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My Zulu War Book Collection

Im quite proud of my collection of AZW books ,quite a few of them signed by the authors with a few with personal inscriptions to me from Ian J. Knight .A couple of friends have offered to lend me books recently both of which I had and when I see books in 2nd stores I always struggle to remember if I have them or if they are on my wanted list , so I thought I would make list of the ones I own  and here it is .The yellow bars are by Ian Knight ,the Green by Kris Wheatley and Red by mike Snook .
a sketch of the Kafir & Zulu WarsHenry Hallam Parr
A staffordshire Regiment in the Zulu & Sekukuni campaigns 1878-1879Robert Hope
A Wargamers Guide to the Anglo Zulu WarDaniel Mersey
A Widow Making War -the life and death of aofficer in Zululand 1879 
Anatomy of the Zulu Army from Shaka to Cetshwayo 1818-1879Ian Knight
Blood on the painted MountainRon Lock
Brave Mens BloodIan Knight
British Forces in Zululand 1879Ian Knight
British Fortifications in Zulu Land 1879Ian Knight
British Infantryman in South Africa 1877-81ian castle
British Infantryman v Zulu WarriorIan Knight
By order of the Great White QueenIan Knight
Companion to the Anglo Zulu WarIan Knight
Crossing the Buffalo-the Zulu war of 1879Adrian Greaves
Dead was everything -studies in the Anglo Zulu warkieth smith
Despatches from the front The Zulu Wars 
Fearful Hard Times -the siege &relief of eshoweIan Castle &Ian Knight
first zulu
Forgotten Battles of the Zulu WarAdrian Greaves
Great Zulu Battles 1838-1906Ian Knight
Great Zulu Commanders Ian Knight
Guidebook to the Anglo-Zulu War BattlefieldsDavid Rattray
How can men die betterMike Snook
Isandlwana Ian Castle &Ian Knight
Isandlwana 1879Edmund Yorke
John Williams VC a biographyW.G.Lloyd
Kingdom in CrisisJohn Laband
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol1Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol2Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol3Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol4Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes Vol5Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol6Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol7Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol8Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroes vol9Kris Wheatley
Legacy of the Rorkes Drift Heroesvol10Kris Wheatley
Like Lions they Fought-the last zulu warRobert B Edgerton
Like Wolves on the Fold The defense of Rorkes DriftMike Snook
Lord Chelmsford & the zulu warMajor Gerald French -foreward by bindon blood
March to the Drums -eyewitness acounts of war from the Kabul Maasacre to the siege of Mafikeng Ian Knight
Narrative of the Field Operations connected with the Zulu War of 1879 
Nothing Remains but to Fight-the defense of Rorkes DriftIan Knight
Rorkes DriftJames w Bancroft
Rorkes DriftIan Castle &Ian Knight
Rorkes Drift & the British Museum The lifeof Henry Hook V.CBarry c.Johnson
Rorkes Drift &Isandlawana 1879-A Battlefield GuideChris Peers
Rorkes Drift 1879Ian Knight
Rorkes Drift a new perspectiveneil thornton
Rorkes Drift Diary- an account of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift zululand january 22nd 1879Captain William Penn Symons
sister Janetbrian best & Katie stossel
The  Sun Turned Black-Isandlwana & Rorkes DriftIan Knight
The Boiling Cauldron -utrecht district&th AZW 1879Huw m Jones
The Curling Letters of the Zulu War 
The Illustrated Guide to the Anglo- Zulu War John Laband & Paul Thompson
The National Army Museum book of the Zulu WarIan Knight
The Naval Brigade in South Africa-1877-1878-1879Henry F. Norbury
The Rise and Fall of the Zulu NationJohn Laband
The Tribe that Washed its Spearsadrian Greaves & Xolani Mkhize
The war correspondents the anglo zulu warJohn Laband &Ian Knight
The Washing of the spearsDonald R morris
The Zulu Army and Zulu Headmen 
The Zulu WarAngus McBride
The Zulu WarIan Knight
The Zulu War 1879Lt Col F.E.Whitton
The Zulu War a pictorial historyMichael Barthorp
the Zulu war journalcol henry hartford
The Zulu War Then and NowIan Castle &Ian Knight
The Zulu War through contempory eyes  
The ZulusIan Knight & Angus McBride
There will be an awful row at home about thisIan Knight
Through the Zulu CountryBertram Mitford
Victorias harvest -the irish soldier in the zulu war of 1879David Truesdale & John Young
Who's Who in the Zulu war 1879 vol 2 the colonials & ZulusIan Knight &Adrian Greaves
Who's Who in the Zulu war 1879 vol1 the BritishIan Knight &Adrian Greaves
With His Face to the Foe -The life & death of Loius Napoleon,The Prince Imperial Zululand 1879Ian Knight
ZuluSaul David
Zulu 1816-1906Ian Knight & Angus McBride
Zulu Battle PieceSir Reginald Coupland
Zulu DawnCy endfield
zulu rising-the epic story of Isandlwana & Rorkes DriftIan Knight
Zulu the truth behind the film Paul Raby
Zulu War -volunteers,irregulars and Auxiliariesian castle
Zulu War 1879 twilight of a  warrior nation Ian Castle &Ian Knight
Zulu War VC'sJames w.Bancroft
Zulu with some guts behind itSheldon Hall
Zulu-FrontiersmanMajor c.g.Dennison
Zulu-Isandlwana & Rorkes Drift 22-23 Jan 1879Ian Knight
Zulu-VictoryRon Lock &Peter Quantrill

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