Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Rules of Engagement 2nd game

We palyed our 2nd game of rules of Engagement last night at Sheffield wargames Society ,it was the bring and buy night so we had a good look round before we set up and managed to play to a conclusion ,a draw I had reached my break point but the Brits were in no position to capitalize on it , and we still packed up and left before 9.30 some thing we could not have done with bolt action .Firing is simple with realistic results ,morale is so much easier to deal with than BA as well ,we are both hooked on this ,in fact i have already bought some of the supplements .The books are not as flashy as BA but its the rules we are buying really not the eye candy .Next game a bit bigger maybe vehicles but definately our rules of choice.
Germans dig in as the Brits advance

in good positions but awful dice rolls sealed their fate 

Brits advance 

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