Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Bolt Action -Australians v Japanese

Managed to get a game in at Sheffield Wargames Solciety last night , we played Bolt Action ( there were 3 boltaction games going on as well as another 4 games )We played Australians v Japanese ,the game started well for the Aussies but those Japanese ignoring morale pressed home and the men from down under were soon suffering when we called a stop to the game ,all those pin markers causing major issues . One or two things we dont like but overall a good game .
started off well

cowardly Japanese sniper

Heroic Aussie sniper

the light howitzer did nothing during the game and made a quick  withdrawal  


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Flame throwers can be devastating 

the flamethrower almost wiped out an entire unit  on its own .

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  1. Thanks for posting, nice to see Aussies getting a run with Japs, champion stuff!