Thursday, 10 August 2017

Bolt Action -New Guinea Campaign

I have just recieved a nice present from my lovely partner ,the new Warlord New Guinea campaign army set ,a box full of nice toys and a really useful campaign book .The book as usual for Bolt Action is full of colour pictures of painted models,plates from Osprey books and looks really good .There are 12 scenarios ,army lists for not only the Australians and Japanese but also America and the Dutch forces as well with lots of background info .The starter set I recieved contained 10 early-mid  war Aussies in their kit they arrived in straight from the deserts of North Africa armed with rifles and lewis guns ,10  mid-late war chaps in the famous jungle green uniform armed with a mix of owen guns ,rifles and a bren .The set also comes with a officer and 2 nco's ,10 papuan troops   a AT rifle a Piat team ,2 inch and 3 inch mortars a sniper team ,flame thrower team a MMG ,a really nice light howitzer and a resin Matillda which makes either the satandard 2 pdr , a support howitzer or a flame thrower frog version.The usual special figure that came with the book is of "Bull" Allan a very heroic Australian stretcher bearer who rescued many wounded troops and is shown carrying a fallen comrade over his shoulder .Some of the infantry poses are a tad "heroic" but overall these are great figures featuring a mix of bush hats and Tin helmets and some of them are a bit ragged to show the jungle wear and tare , the weapon kits are very nice as well but as usual do not contain any assembly instructions which can be a pain and the book is a 132 page soft cover in full colour - 10/10

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