Sunday, 30 July 2017

KickStarters -My experiences good and bad...

At first I was little worried about doing kick starter ,which for those of you not in the know , involves you pledging money to a company so they can produce new items which they could not afford normally ,for your funding you usually get the goodies before they go on general sale and usually some freebies (Rewards )as well .I have now been involved in a few and so far only had one bad experience. So far I have been involved in the following :

AW Miniatures -Funded 3 of this companies endeavours ,a FIW ,Samurai and a Zulu all were completed on time and I recieved quite alot of stuff for my troubles ,there was constant feed back from AW until the items were delivered .

Product               10/10
Communication 10/10
Rewards             10/10
On Time              YES
do one again        YES

Tabletop Tyrants-just one for figure cases ,was a bit late but they kept us up to date and threw in some extras for the wait .

Product               9/10
Communication  10/10
Rewards              10/10
On Time              no about 2 months late
do one again        probably not ( I have enough cases now)

Galloping Major- FIW British Red Coats always been a fan of lances figures and own more than I need but couldnt resist these ,a bit late but loads of communication

Product               10/10
Communication  10/10
Rewards              10/10
On Time              no about 2-3 months late
do one again        yes depending on the items ,his current one is FIW French ,i have too many

Northstar    - not really a Kickstarter Nick does his own version but same principle ,I have done 2 now 1 direct from Northstar and 1 through the wargames emporium

Product                10/10
Communication   10/10
Rewards               10/10
on Time                YES
do one again          Yes

Plastic Soldier Company -This is the bad one ,it was to be delivered Feb 2017 and Im still waiting with very few updates ,no appologies really and I have asked for a refund with no answer

Product               ????? hopefully good when (if )I get it
Communication  1/10
Rewards              7/10  if delivered ( the 1 thing promised for the late delivery is very disappointing )
On Time              No so far getting on for 7 months late
do one again      NO

hope this helps ,overall I am happy with my Kick Starters and will do more just very disapointed with PSC .

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