Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bolt Action & Battlegroup Tobruk & Sharps practice updates

Done abit of painting recently and a mixed bag of stuff it is ,bits for 3 different rule sets .
Battlegroup Tobruk ,support weapons for the British each with their own transports weapons and crews SHQ trucks from Any Scale 

PIn markers for Bolt Action ,a bit gruesome  but easier to read than the ones that come with the starter set .Figures are Blacktree and bases from warbases .

An ACW Engineers wagon for Sharps Practice from warbases

Bolt Action objective from Anyscale their 28mm stuff is even better than their 20mm  whichif fantastic  

Same blitz from other side

Winter Yanks for Bolt Action all Artizan Designs

More winter troops this time a MMG team Warlord figures

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