Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Batman Miniature Game -Suicide Squad Box Set

Having decided to start playing BMG again I thought I would update my collection with the 2 player starter Suicide Squad box set based on the movie. It is a great set and paid extra for the one with acollectors Harley riding abomb and the Aflick batman models ,so I got anice 15 figures there are also 2 nice strong card stock buildings and some dice and counters and alovely rulebook in the style of a DC comic,,however it is not really a 2player set .You do get enough figures but not enough dice or counters for a 2 player game so a bit misleading .I also read that the book contained all the new rupdated rules as well but this is not the case but I did find it easier to read than the hard back it seems to have less clutter a disapointment was that only the first scenario includes all the figures you get in the box the others require you to buy more figures .Not the best starter set but for some onw like myself that has all the bits to play anyway ,a nice expansion .9/10

The Joker team

The Suicide Squad

the collectors figures 

I couldnt resist buying Rick Flag as well .

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