Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wednesday Night Gaming-They come unseen

My secong go at the new Osprey game  ,this time I played NATO .My 2 subs were tasked with destroying 4 Russian bases whilst avoiding there destroyers and transport fleet ,and even though I very nearly misjudged my battery use and had to surface at the crucial moment I managed my objectives .A very nice game with a
The NATO Hiddenn Board

A sonar sweep almost caught me 
bit of tension when one of the Ruskie destroyers started a sonar sweep which my sub managed to stay 1 square clear of for 3 turns until I was pinged but still managed to sneak away and cause devastation. A great game which is also one of the prizes in this saturdays raffle draw at the Wargames Emporium talking of which the guys at Sheffield Wargames society bought a few tickets last night , they might win the entry tickets to Triples which they donated a few weeks ago ,Good luck every one .

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