Tuesday, 8 December 2015

S&S Models

One of our long time sponsors for our raffles to support the British Legion is Shaun of S&S Models      . S&S make a superb range of 20mm vehicles ,terrain and figures specialising in moderns and they also do a nice collection of 15mm and 28mm vehicles and terrain .I personally have a huge amount of their 20mm cold war stuff (my faves are the land rover reccies ) and can only say good things about the products and service ,I once emailed Shaun asking if he did a peak turret for my Fv 432's and he replied immediatly saying no but would make one about an hour later I had another email saying they would be ready in a couple of days and sure enough they were !! . One really good section of the S&S line are the add on's for die casts and plastic kits that allow you to build those odd vehicles you just cant get . If you look through my earlier posts on the cold war you will see some of the S&S stuff and Shaun has told me that 2016 will see lots of cool stuff coming out including even more vehicles and crew figures so keep a eye on the website        http://www.sandsmodels.com  Thanks Shaun .

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