Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Wednesday Night Gaming - Muskets & Tomahawks

A 3 player game with John running the French forces
1 x regular officer
10 x Marines
6x coureurs de Bois
1 x Indian Chief
2 x 6 figure Indians

Ian played the Provisionals
1 x officer
2 x 6 figure units

and I played the Rangers who started off table
1 x officer
2 x6 figure units
4x indians

The side plots were :
John = truce
Ian = The Hostage
Me= Romance
All the officers were pretty much restricted by the side plots and when my Rangers came on table they stumbled straight into the Hurons and a bloody battle started .The game saw huge casualties on both sides with both Moral cards coming into play .The British won the game but we ll won our side plots .Everyone enjoyed the game and it caused alot of interest with other club members .

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