Sunday, 30 August 2015

Zulu War Colonial Cavalry Unit

I wanted a mixed mounted unit for my Zulu War rules " Nothing Remains But To Fight "and with the packs available from Empress Miniatures I was able to make a 12 figure unit without having any odd figures left over. The unit consists of 4 Natal Carabiniers , 4 Natal Mounted Police , 2 Newcastle mounted Rifles and 2 Buffalo Border Guard . All of these units did take part at Ishandlawana and rode together on patrol and bodies were found together in or close to "Durnfords Donga " the famous last stand of that controversial hero (or villain) of the battle . The figures are very nice but come with huge amounts of flash in the most awkward places and a lot had the helmet spike misformed or even missing so I had to improvise to replace some of them .Overall very chuffed with them and now I can play test the mounted rules now I am happy with the Infantry rules as I may have mentioned my rules won the best participation game at Triples this year and we had great feed back on them ,so hopefully the play tests on mounted and artillery units will be as good .

The unit moves from the bush to the cliff edge 

Dismount for the last stand . 

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