Wednesday, 26 August 2015


I was invited to the Wedneday games night at the Wargames Emporium in Sheffield for a demo game of the new rules from Osprey and Northstar , Frostgrave. A fantasy treasure hunt game ,I had seen the figures on Northstars site but didnt know much about it so I went along with John Grayson to see what it was all about . We only played the Demo version so a lot was left out but I have to admit we were both hooked ,it was a quick brutal fun game ,the wizards arn't all powerful ,in fact they can end up doing more damage to them selves if the dice roll wrongly ,speaking of which my first 3 rolls on a D20 all resulted in1's so you can see how the game went for me . The game reminded me a little of Mordhiem but a lot quicker and lots more fun using all the Magic and treasure hunting rules will had more fun and stratergy and make the game last longer than the 30 minutes it took us .There is also a campaign system which allows you to buld your band and increase all their powers and skills . Overall great night and a fantastic game which we both agreed will be creeping into our collections .

A shot of the Emporiums lovely terrain and figures 

A close up of the action 

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