Sunday, 23 November 2014

Raffle update -nearly there .

Less than 2 weeks to the draw (13th December ) so here's an update of the very generous sponsors whose prizes I have received already . They are in no particular order and full details of each prize can be found in earlier posts there is just so much to list in full detail. Tickets are still on sale at the War Games Emporium in Sheffield and on line at    and will be on sale at the shop until 11.55 on the day of the draw and on line till the 12th Dec.

Prizes received so far :

Flags of War   - Gift Vouchers
Sheffield War Games Society   -Triples Tickets
Underfire Miniatures -20mm Figures
Ambush Alley Games -Loads of prizes inc Books ,15mm Miniatures etc.
Gripping Beast -Rule Book
Empress Miniatures -28mm Figures
Brigade Models -28mm WW1
Tim Gow- Books
Warlord Games -28mm Figures and Vehicles
Dashing Dice Games _ a massive starter set of everything
Rogue Miniatures -28mm Figures
RH Models _20mm Figures
Elheim _ Gift Voucher
Diplomatist Books -Gift Voucher
Plastic Soldier Company - 20mm Vehicles.

There may still be more on the way and I will keep updates going to the last moment  ,Tickets are 50p each and every penny goes to the Royal British Legion who do an amazing job .

A big thank you to all the amazing people who have donated prizes , To the War Games Emporium Sheffield for their help selling tickets and giving us a place to hold the draw and to every one who has purchased tickets . A special thanks to all those that have made the ultimate sacrifice so we can live free .

Lest we forget .

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