Friday, 28 November 2014

Raffle prizes even more .....

A nice prizes donation from Dave at Dear Tony Blair Blogspot   2 of his amazingly funny Tony & Mags the evil dwarfs and a the unreleased White Dwarf "derek the troll" . Please visit Daves blog   to have a look at his stuff and more pics of Tony and Mag ,the pic below I borrowed from his blog .The winner of this prize will have it sent direct from Dave .

Mags & Tony -I am sure I know them ?
 Raffle tickets are still on sale 50p each the draw takes place at the War Games Emporium on 13th Dec .

The full list of sponsors is now :

Flags of War   - Gift Vouchers
Sheffield War Games Society   -Triples Tickets
Underfire Miniatures -20mm Figures
Ambush Alley Games -Loads of prizes inc Books ,15mm Miniatures etc.
Gripping Beast -Rule Book
Empress Miniatures -28mm Figures
Brigade Models -28mm WW1
Tim Gow- Books
Warlord Games -28mm Figures and Vehicles
Dashing Dice Games _ a massive starter set of everything
Rogue Miniatures -28mm Figures
RH Models _20mm Figures
Elheim _ Gift Voucher
Diplomatist Books -Gift Voucher
Plastic Soldier Company - 20mm Vehicles.
Crooked Dice -2 prizes of stater set vouchers
S&S -£20. voucher
Dear Tony Blair blog spot  -Figures 
Dave Parsons-Painting voucher 

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