Sunday, 5 October 2014

Wings of War /Glory for sale

Sadly I have decided to sell my WOW/WOG collection I want it to go as a job lot so I am not left with odd bits , if it does not sell then no issues  it is made up of :

Famous Aces Box Set

WOW deluxe starter set 2nd edition (inc 4 aircraft)

WOW Series 1 Aircraft
07B Spad   Fonck
07C Spad   Rickenbacker
07D Camel  Barker
07E Camel Ellwood
07F Camel  Osilager
07H Albatross  Ludwig
07I  Albatross Jentsch

WOW series 2
08E Snipe Barker
08G Roland  Richtofen
08H Roland  Pflieger
08J DH4 Cadbury
08L DH4 Atkey

WOW Series 3
13E Albatross Ludwig
13G Ufag  Flick
13H Ufag
13i Ufag
13 J RE 8 longton
13K RE8 Ferguson
13L RE8

WOW Series 4
23A Se5 Bishop
23D Pfalz Hiohn
23E klien
23f Pfalz Holzem
23K Rumpler
23L Rumpler

WOW yellow balloon buster set (inc ballon & aircraft)

WOG Nexus starter set

Aerodrome accessories Flame &smoke marker  1 set  Bomber &2 sets  fighter

Ace Card Set

WOG aircaft
Gotha  von korff
DR 1Richtofen
DR1 Kirrschstein
Dr1 Lothar Von R
Albatross Jacobs
Albatross Von Hipple
Albatross Udet
Hanriot Fucini
Hanriot Scaroni
hanriot coppens
Camel Stackard
DH2 Hawker
DH 2 andrew
Sop Triplane Collishaw
Sop Tri Dallas
Sop Tri little
E111 Buddecke
E111 Immleman
Siemans Shuckbert Von Bealieu
Siemans Shuckbert Veltjens
Siemans Shuckbert lange

all original WOG or WOW as stated
All in original boxes with decks stands etc all box sets complete all rules counters rulers boards etc ,most decks I have used are in sleeves ,some decks still unwrapped .

You pay P&P and any paypal charges . if you in UK you can collect or meet half way or may even drop off if you can wait a week or so .

£750. ono

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