Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Raffle Update 1

The NHS decided to ruin my day so not been to the club tonight so a quick update on our British Legion fund raising raffle ,Eric Barnes the guy behind Witch finder General rules has again made a fantastic donation of the following :

1 Witchfinder General Rulebook

The two Witchfinder figures- 'Mitchell & Megan'

1 box of Warlord Games ECW Infantry

1 box of Warlord Games ECW Cavalry
 2 Heresy Miniatures Hellhounds

1 Heresy Miniatures Werewolf

1 Heresy Miniatures Vampire
1 Heresy Witch

with possibly more in the shape of new figures and witch finder rules supplement up for grabs as well if production runs as planned .
Looking back at my posts you will see how much fun the Rules are so have a  look at the Dashing Dice web site and forum by following the link to the right .

Updates on how to get tickets soon .

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