Saturday, 11 October 2014

Raffle update 4 -UPDATED

Ok,the tickets are now on sale price 50pence each. You can get them by visiting the War Games Emporium in Sheffield ,I will also be selling them on line and I will put instructions up later on how to do this.

Prize donations promised or already recieved so far from these amazing People :
Dashing Dice Games
Empress Miniatures
Dipolomatist Books
Ambush Alley
Brigade Models
Warlord Games
RH modles
Gripping Beast
Plastic Soldier Company
Rapier .
Tim Gow
Sheffield War Games Society
Rogue Miniatures

and hopefully more soon:
I have some of the prizes already and will go into more detail later .
Every Penny raised goes to the Royal British Legion.
War Games Emporium have as usual agreed to the use of their Sheffield Shop to be used as the venue for the prize draw and they will sell tickets through the Sheffield Branch .

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