Friday, 28 June 2013


the 3 parts
Just wanted everyone to know about a newish company based in South Yorkshire, REDVECTORS  produce some very nice lazer cut plastic markers, counters rulers etc suitable for a lot of popular game systems as well as lovely MDF buldings in 15mm,20mm  scales  and MDF counters again to suit many systems I looked at a set that would be ideal for use with SAGA .I purchased a set of explosion markers which come as 3 seperate pats the circular base ,a smoke marker in a tinted smoke effect and explosion marker in bright orange ,all clear perspex there were 7 sets of the 3 parts in the bag for £5.00 (I think ,pease check the price) .As a new company they are open to any wargaming ideas so please contact them on and I believe they are on Facebook as well ,well worth a look and they are eager to please so get sending them requests for those much needed markers and they will certainly look at producing stuff if the demands there.
fitted together

with a 20mm figure for comparison

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